Hunter Valley Tour

Enjoy free wine tasting on the Hunter Valley Tour!

Hunter Valley situated in the outskirts of Sydney offers free wine tasting at up to 5 wineries. The wineries you will witness in Hunter Valley Tour range from the large wine producers to excellent smaller boutique establishments.

It is just 2 hours north of Sydney with over 80 regional wineries offering wines of international repute. Just be prepared to get captivated by the oldest wine region of Australia. Our Hunter Valley Tour not only offers free wine tasting but you will also be amazed to cross the Hawkesbury River - famous for its superb oysters and spot the oyster farms.

Free cheese, chocolate tasting and lots more on the Hunter Valley Tour!

Hunter Valley Tour offers you free chocolate tasting along with a tour to the Cheese factory where you will be tasting it free. Mouthwatering, isn't it? Just hold your breath as there's a lot more. To know more about Hunter Valley tour just visit our website

Along with delicious cheese and chocolate, don't lose the opportunity of boomerang throwing. On the Hunter Valley Tour you also learn about Aboriginal culture. You will get a great opportunity to purchase authentic returning boomerangs made by a local tribe. If you are an ardent nature lover then this is your best chance to come closer to it as Hunter Valley Tour is steeped in breathtaking countryside beauty.

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