Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climb the Sydney Harbour Brige for the thrill of a lifetime!

Experience one of the world's most thrilling adventures - with the Sydney Harbour Brige (i.e. bridge) climb. It is a three and a half hour tantalising experience over catwalks, ladders and arches to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Brige.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb begins with a safety demonstration to prepare you for an exotic climb. The delight of such an adventurous climb lies in beholding the awesome beauty of the coastal city.

Guide for a great leap to Sydney Harbour Brige! will help you out for the great climb of your life. It provides ample information to your queries on Sydney Harbour Brige. Sydney Harbour Brige climb operates every day from early morning till evening. But it does not operate on 30th and 31st of December.

The most unforgettable one is to scale Sydney Harbour Bridge at dawn and witness the sedate and serene ambience all around. On the other hand, the day climb has got a boisterous element in it. The beauty of Opera House, Blue Mountains would captivate your senses once you reach the summit of Sydney Harbour Brige.

For information on the rates of a climb to Sydney Harbour Bridge, browse our website.

Points of consideration before you climb!

Before going for a wonderful Sydney Harbour Bridge climb you should consider certain points. Climbers must arrive 15 minutes before their confirmed climb time to check in as late arrivals are not allowed.

Climbers must be over 12 years of age. A child climber must be accompanied by an adult climber at all times.

Health and medical issues must be considered before climbing.

And remember, alcohol must be avoided before the climb.

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