Sydney Sightseeing

Get ready for Sydney Sightseeing:

Want to get immersed in the captivating beauty of Sydney? Want to get enchanted by Sydney sightseeing? Then you are at the best place for some truly enchanting moments in Sydney Sightseeing. provides you with all the necessary information on Sydney sightseeing- what to see, what to do, what to taste and where to stay in this wonderful coastal city.

Some Sydney Sightseeing details:

Below are a few marvellous sights which form the core of Sydney Sightseeing:

1.BridgeClimb- the Sydney Harbour Bridge

2.OzJetboating Thrill Ride

3.Sydney Opera House

4.Seaplane Safaris

5.Sydney Harbour Cruises

6.Hunter Valley Wine Tour

7.Sydney Aquarium

8.Sydney Zoo

9.Sydney Grand Tour By Helicopter

10.4wd Blue Mountain Explorer Track

11.Blue Mountains Wildlife Tours

In the course of Sydney sightseeing if one misses the Hunter Valley Wine Tour and Blue Mountains Wildlife Tour then he has missed a fabulous opportunity to be a witness to Sydney's essence.

So be a witness to over 2000 different types of Australian animals, waterfalls, bush walks, The Three Sisters, Sydney 2000 Olympic site and the heritage-listed Blue Mountains national park in Blue Mountains Wildlife Tours. Sydney sightseeing is a truly breathtaking experience.

Hunter Valley - the popular Sydney sightseeing area is the oldest wine region of Australia. It is situated in the outskirts of Sydney and offers free wine tasting at up to 5 wineries!

The Bridge-Climb - another popular Sydney Sightseeing area is a 3 hour experience over catwalks, ladders and arches to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Grand Tour by helicopter is an exhilarating way to experience Sydney's famous natural beauty. To add more to your delight, Sydney sightseeing cruises are also available.
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