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Our website will show you all the relevant and necessary information on Sydney. This coastal city of Australia is popular for its celestial beauty. You would be absolutely amazed to see that our website possesses lots of information on what to do, what to see and where to stay in Sydney.

No doubt that our site is the best online travel guide to Australia - with tons of facts and figures on the exquisite city of Sydney. If you've been looking for a dependable travel guide to Australia, look no further. Trust us to make your trip to Australia a truly memorable one.

We are the travel guide to Australia who will help you save both your time and energy.

The definitive travel guide in Australia!

That's what we are! Our website tells you all about the luxurious yet reasonable hotels, restaurants and pubs located in Sydney. Also it provides you a distinct idea of the cost effective and convenient modes of transport to see Sydney inside out.

Some of the restaurants and pubs you would love to visit are listed below.

1. Sydney Tower Restaurant- a must visit

2. Dinner Cruise On MV Sydney 2000- While enjoying the Australian food get enchanted by the best harbour too.

3. The Regal Restaurant- must visit in the heart of Sydney

4.The Welcome Hotel, Rozelle, is one of Sydney's finest pubs-but sumptuous and delicious bar food over here ushers in flocks of tourists.

We are the travel guide in Australia who also provide sufficient details on sightseeing. Get the details on Blue mountain tour, Hunter valley tour and lots more - and pack your bags immediately for a memorable trip down the exotic shores. Get set go with travel guide Australia!
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